Tears under the covers



There are a few women bloggers out there that really influenced me and made me want to start my own blog. Elle is one of them.

Sometimes you come across a book where you feel a connection. I wasn't sure why as I had never suffered a loss of a child but the way Elle Wright talked about her son Teddy with so much love I wanted to get to know him too.

Elle's pregnancy was trouble free. Two excited parents looking forward to the birth of their baby. Teddy arrived safely. But soon after he was born it became apparent that something was seriously wrong. Teddy only lived 3 days in this world.

Her whole journey is moving yet inspirational., it’s so beautifully written. I found myself under the covers, late at night (as not to wake my husband) clutching my iPad. I could barely read the last chapter for the tears. I just couldn’t put it down.

It has taught me how to talk to others who have experienced loss - it really is the best advice - just ask them their name. Thank you Elle.

As Baby Loss Awareness week comes to a close we popped his name in the sand. Ernie wishes he had been able to share Trevone with you Teddy.