Where does the time go?




I’m not sure if I should take a nap, tidy or just have a little cry about being so tired…

Since having my son I rarely have enough time to wash my hair, do the shopping, or put away laundry before he needs my attention - if I'm really lucky I manage to get fully dressed!

I love my son - he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. But it’s true - you’ve got to sleep when they do. I appreciate that sounds like a cliche but it really it is the best advice. Being a mum couldn't be further than my life pre-parenting. I’m self-employed so I worked from home - my time was my time, my entire day was my day - I chose what I was going to do, and how I managed my time, was up to me.

Today, my son dictates everything, which is fine, which is great, and totally worth it but since I have my own business, and the world around us doesn't just grind to a halt - families still want to holiday in Cornwall - I’m still taking bookings, greeting guests, cleaning toilets and making scones.

So on top of paying for Ernies adorable but unnecessary new outfits, I have to keep the house tidy, I have to keep him fed, changed, alive and most importantly happy. Oh and all on very, very little sleep I might add.

Don't get me wrong my husband helps an awful lot, he saved me from total exhaustion in the first few months of parenting. We were still waiting for planning permission to go through at our house, so he took Ernie downstairs every morning for a few hours. Which meant I was able to recharge before starting my day (and considering I had been getting up to 5 or 6 times during the night) this determined whether or not I had enough energy to make it out of the door that day. So thanks husband I am incredibly grateful… except for that one time where in the midst of a very sleep deprived ‘conversation’ he described this asloungingaround in bed every morning, which you can imagine went down like a shit storm and its safe to say that conversation didn’t happen again.

We are actually getting used to living amidst a sleep deprived fog now, it was a shock to start but my husband rarely complains, he does just about everything with the smile, and most importantly he makes Ernie and I laugh constantly. Because if we don't laugh, we might cry so we do a lot of laughing at the end of a each day.